A network of Certified Financial Planners and professionals, who share the Wealth Practitioners mission:

To provide professional wealth counseling to Canadians with an independent, unbiased lens.

Building wealth by Owning your investments. Tax efficient strategies, so you make the most of what you earn.

Fair fees for professional advice: “Every 1% you over pay in fees because of compounding, means you lose a decade in income” – Tony Robbins

We show you how to build passive income and reduce your overall tax bill: “You’ll never earn your way to freedom” – Tony Robbins

Our Certified Financial Planners create holistic financial plans and provide ongoing coaching/review. Financial plans may include recommendations to use insurance carriers and referrals to ICPMs, as part of the insurance/investment planning solution.

Affiliates of Wealth Practitioners are experts in their own right. Some have exceptional expertise in specific and often highly technical areas.

Mastermind Group of Specialized Wealth Practitioners, working together to provide holistic planning: Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Professional Accountants, Insurance Specialists, Realtors, Mortgage Agents & Lawyers. 

Highly customized financial plans for those who invest primarily in real estate or businesses and in the early stages of building their investment assets (in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs). We provide ongoing support through collaborative efforts with accountants, lawyers, realtors, mortgage brokers, business consultants and bankers to help you achieve your goals.

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