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Affiliates of Wealth Practitioners are experts in their own right. Some have exceptional expertise in specific and often highly technical areas. 

If your circumstances require specific expertise for a particular issue, we will consult before introducing you to a specialist from within the Affiliate network, just as we are consulted on particular areas by our Affiliates. To ensure that all aspects of your financial affairs are considered, we encourage clients’ to introduce us to their own accountants and lawyers so we may work together on your behalf.

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Let us work together and leverage each others expertise, as we look at our clients’ situation from different perspectives. We recognize there is a service gap, between investment professionals, accountants and legal professionals. Everyone often working in silos. Clients need integrated advice.

We are growing our ecosystem of reliable professionals and referable partners. If you are client centric like we are, let’s connect!

Wealth Practitioners – Certified Financial Planner Affiliates

Wealth Practitioners – Accountant Affiliates

  • Real estate focused
  • Tax specialist
  • Manufacturing
  • Incorporated professionals
  • Business succession

Wealth Practitioners – Bookkeeper Affiliates

Wealth Practitioners – Certified Business Valuator Affiliates

Wealth Practitioners – Lawyer Affiliates

  • tax
  • estates/will
  • business succession
  • real estate

Wealth Practitioners – Insurance Agents Affiliates

  • Life/Living benefits
  • Property

Wealth Practitioners – Realtor Affiliates

  • Yorkville Specialty
  • Mississauga Specialty
  • North York Specialty
  • Halton Specialty
  • Kitchener Specialty

Wealth Practitioners – Mortgage Broker Affiliates

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